You name it, we can do it.
You name it, we can do it!

Posted by    |   June 17th, 2019

By – Megan Clarke, Client Account Manager.   Mystery shopping can offer an endless range of unimaginable insights.  So, before you come to the conclusion that mystery shopping provides limited information, let’s take a look at some of the more unique projects we have carried out. Aside from the more […]

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banking, self service banking, customers
Banking For Yourself:

Posted by    |   February 16th, 2015

Your Customers and Self-Service Banking. In recent years, as we all know, banks have been in the headlines more than they would have liked. One of the reasons they’ve been subject to so much public discontent (not necessarily the main one, obviously, but one that does exercise people) is the […]

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Valentines Customers
Loving Your Customers on Valentine’s Day

Posted by    |   February 9th, 2015

What Your Customers Want on Valentine’s. For the hospitality and retail industries, February 14th – Valentine’s Day – is one of the most important single days of the year. Your restaurant should be crowded, flowers and chocolates should be marching out of your shop. But how should you maximise the […]

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Coffee Shop, Coffee brands, customer perc blog post
Coffee Drinking in Coffee Shops

Posted by    |   February 2nd, 2015

Why Your Customers Do It, And What They Want More Of. The Background Coffee in Ireland is a drink growing in popularity year on year. The Irish Coffee Council is the voice for the coffee industry in Ireland in matters of growth, manufacture, distribution and consumption of coffee, and while […]

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Customer business
Your Customers’ Moments of Truth- Guiding Them Through

Posted by    |   January 26th, 2015

A customer’s “Moment of Truth” is the crucial moment at each step of their dealings with your organisation, so a customer might have several Moments of Truth before they enter your premises, make a purchase or decide to return again! Have some of your managers, staff or even a few […]

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boomerang customers comeback kings
Making Your Customers Comeback Kings!

Posted by    |   January 12th, 2015

Most businesses spend a lot of time trying to attract new customers. Advertising, promotions, social media – you’re probably doing it all. It’s necessary, of course, and no organisation should neglect trying to attract new customers who might be interested in doing business with them. Here’s what they might be missing, […]

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Wow Customers!
Six Ways to WOW! Your Customers!

Posted by    |   November 24th, 2014

We’ve been talking to some of your potential customers, (because that’s our job!). We asked them to recount a time when they were wowed by a hospitality experience, and to explain exactly why – to identify the individual elements of the experience that contributed to them being blown away by […]

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Customer Music
Still Blasting Customers Out of It

Posted by    |   September 15th, 2014

Customer Perceptions Ltd. have recently updated a survey they first conducted in 2008 and it suggests that over 70% of Piped, Background and Store Music serves to satisfy the taste of staff but is often disliked by customers. Over 400 Customers and 200 Staff were surveyed in 70 outlets across the Island […]

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