store reopening
The Great Re-Opening Part 1: Retail

Posted by    |   July 8th, 2020

At the beginning of lockdown, way back in mid-March, many of us held the belief that the crisis would pass before long and normal life would resume sooner rather than later. As days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months, thoughts of the ‘new normal’ set in and ‘living […]

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Life After Lockdown – Part 3: Health & Wellness

Posted by    |   May 21st, 2020

In the final part of our Life After Lockdown series, we look at the impact of Covid-19 on businesses operating in the health and wellness sector, as well as how people view the future of the workplace as we leave lockdown.    Health & Wellbeing More than three-quarters of respondents […]

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Life After Lockdown – Part 1: Retail

Posted by    |   May 8th, 2020

In our previous survey (Life In Lockdown), we looked at just how much life had changed in the two weeks that followed the lockdown. As we begin a third month in lockdown, life as we knew it prior to March 12th seems almost impossible to comprehend just two months on. […]

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Zoom Meeeting
Life in Lockdown – How Much Can Things Really Change in Two Weeks?

Posted by    |   April 24th, 2020

Since the public health measures were brought in last month, we have all experienced significant changes to our daily lives. From the initial closure of schools and colleges to the subsequent closure of bars, restaurants and many other workplaces to the social distancing measures in place in the supermarkets and […]

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Wow Customers!
Six Ways to WOW! Your Customers!

Posted by    |   November 24th, 2014

We’ve been talking to some of your potential customers, (because that’s our job!). We asked them to recount a time when they were wowed by a hospitality experience, and to explain exactly why – to identify the individual elements of the experience that contributed to them being blown away by […]

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