Hospitality Assessments

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Hotels / B&B’s / Tourist Attractions

We conduct mystery guest / visitor assessments to a wide number of hotels, B&B’s and tourist attractions. Our mystery guest / visitor will present themselves as a genuine customer and give feedback on their entire experience (inc. public areas) through to departure. We ensure that our reports / questionnaires measure both company standards and give the customer experience.

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Restaurant / Food & Beverage Inspections

We conduct mystery guest assessments to restaurants and bars. Our mystery guest will give feedback on their experience including but not limited to; initial impressions of the website, booking process, arrival, staff engagement, menu choice, service, and quality of Food and Beverages. The mystery guest will be required to answer specific questions and give detailed commentary on their experience, often supported by images.

From our panel we can profile experts in the Food and Beverage field or we can select from genuine customers in specific locations.

For the last number of years, we have been the official mystery guest providers for the Restaurant Association of Ireland. For details of the upcoming awards programme and entry information please click here.

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