Product Knowledge and your customer
3 Key Moments in Transmitting Product Knowledge to Your Customers.

Posted by    |   January 5th, 2015

The importance of product knowledge is a feature of your customer service that it may be easy to overlook. We don’t think you should, and here’s why: At Customer Perceptions, it’s our job to figure out what your customers are thinking, to pick up on the things you may not. […]

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in-store advertising customer basket
In-Store Advertising – How Do Your Customers Feel About It?

Posted by    |   December 8th, 2014

Customer Perceptions has spent two decades working with clients across a wide range of sectors – now we’ve asked some questions about in-store advertising. Retail has always been a highly competitive sector, and it’s only getting more so. So what’s the best way to inform customers of your offers, guide […]

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Online Shop Customer Perceptions
Why Your Customers Aren’t Online Shopping

Posted by    |   December 1st, 2014

“Things Got So Bad, I Shopped Online!” – Why Your Customers Aren’t Online Shopping. Customer Perceptions has been in business for 20 years, providing mystery shopping services, customer satisfaction surveys and consultancy services to businesses across Ireland and The UK. We’ve picked up some insights over that time, and the […]

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Wow Customers!
Six Ways to WOW! Your Customers!

Posted by    |   November 24th, 2014

We’ve been talking to some of your potential customers, (because that’s our job!). We asked them to recount a time when they were wowed by a hospitality experience, and to explain exactly why – to identify the individual elements of the experience that contributed to them being blown away by […]

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Customer Music
Still Blasting Customers Out of It

Posted by    |   September 15th, 2014

Customer Perceptions Ltd. have recently updated a survey they first conducted in 2008 and it suggests that over 70% of Piped, Background and Store Music serves to satisfy the taste of staff but is often disliked by customers. Over 400 Customers and 200 Staff were surveyed in 70 outlets across the Island […]

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